Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Celestial events in June - good time for more meditation

There are several days of increased energy in Nature now:

June 21 - June (summer) solstice.

June 22 - New moon

June 23 - Moon at perigee
-- 358 000 km (Moon closest to Earth)

The 3 days before, during and after the June solstice the energy is very intense in Nature and in the body. It's an excellent time for more meditation and receiving energy from Nature. At the summer solstice there occurs a major change in the energy - from Yang to Yin. The days in the northern hemisphere start to become shorter and the Yin energy increases...

During the June solstice the energy is concentrated mostly at the bai hui 百会 point("Hundred Meetings", "Heaven Gate" GV-20), located on the top of head on the fontanel. This acupoint naturally opens more easily now, which is of great benefit for our health. Bai hui is one of the most important acupoints as it stimulates the energy flow in the whole body.

The new Moon (June 22) is also a good time for meditation. The new moons are time of increase in the Yang energy.

When Moon is at perigee, the Moon is closest to Earth, which also is of great influence and brings more energy.

It's also good to mention the aphelion, which will happen on July 4th (Sun farthest from Earth).

And, on July 22nd is the longest total solar eclipse in the 21st century - lasting for 6 minutes and 39 sec. Here is more info about it in wikipedia:,_2009

During the solar eclipse, the energy in Earth naturally goes down a little bit, but this is only for a few minutes.

Enjoy the good energy now and do some more qigong meditation!


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