Thursday, July 30, 2009

Old man moving objects with energy

Today a friend sent me an interesting video about a Chinese man who can move objects from a distance. Here is the link:

The man is called Qiu Fuyi and he is from Sichuan province, China. 84-years old. He states that he uses his inner energy and emits it to different object. As he says himself, he is not a saint, but simply all his abilities are due to his inner strength and energy and thanks to the many years of practice.

I searched in the Chinese google and found out that all he does is a trick. Journalists from the Chinese tv channel CCTV-10 has visited him to repeat his demonstration. In fact, all the miracles with moving and breaking of the objects are due to the special table. Within the table, there is a special mechanism, which can shake and move the objects. Inside the red towel there are 2 small metals that can break the glass under the vibrations of the table. When the journalists used another, normal towel, the trick did not work out... And the moving of the water is made possible due to the magnets put in the bowl and under the table. So, when the journalists used a different bowl with water, the trick didn't happen.

That's how it goes! There are genuine masters, but also fake ones. And this should not disappoint the practitioners of qigong and other methods of energy cultivation. The moving and transformation of objects with energy is a proven fact. The genuine and serious qigong and yoga masters do posses all kinds of energy abilities and there is nothing wondrous in it.

Annie Pecheva

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