Saturday, June 19, 2010

a qigong poem that appeared to me one night

     Several years ago, after some intense qigong meditation, one night while sleeping, some Chinese characters of a poem appeared in my mind. I woke up and wrote them down:

识 为 君 好 地
玄 胎 洞 照 开

妙 中 轻 卷 气
动 起 三 百 河

    The text of this poem is related to the energy phenomena that occur within the body during qigong meditation. This poem tells about the opening of the deep "embryo cave" [here symbolically it means dantian - the energy center of the body], and during this wonderful process the energy unveils gently and activates three hundred rivers [the energy meridians and paths in the body].

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  1. Wonderful inspiration. Thank you for sharing and 'clarifying the way'...I have found a fresh and clear stream.