Sunday, January 2, 2011

DJ Ötzi - Eine stern in the Austrian music

  While watching the New Year concerts on the German tv, it was not a surprise to see DJ Ötzi appearing live consequently on the shows of two tv channels.  DJ Ötzi is one of the most famous pop singers in the German-speaking part of the world. His song "Eine stern...der deinen Namen trägt" ("One star...which bears your name") in 2007 became a number one hit in Austria and Germany. Everybody knows and can sing this song. 

Let's see DJ Ötzi's Four Pillars chart in Chinese astrology:

Born: 7 January 1971    

Hour: ?
Day: Ren Chen (Yang Water Dragon)
Month: Ji Chou (Yin Earth Ox)
Year: Geng Xu (Yang Metal Dog)

10 Y Luck (16/5/1980)
Age 9 - 18 : Geng Yin (Yang Metal Tiger)
Age 19 - 28 : Xin Mao (Yin Metal Rabbit)
Age 29 - 38 : Ren Chen (Yang Water Dragon)
Age 39 - 48 : Gui Si (Yin Water Snake)
Age 49 - 58 : Jia Wu (Yang Wood Horse)

   His 10-year luck cycle of the age 29 - 38 is Water Dragon (Ren Chen), which is exactly the same as his day pillar. In Chinese astrology there is a principle that when the signs of a 10-year cycle are the same with one of the four pillars in the natal chart, then this is a very special period in one's life. It brings very intense energy and always it's one of the most important and special periods in life. This kind of pillar dublication in the horoscope suggest extremely powerful period, which can destroy or favor one's life to a certainly high degree.
  In the case of DJ Ötzi, the pillar duplication brought him success and fame. His first album was released in 2000 and immediately peaked some of the highest chart-positions in Europe. Since the start of this special 10-year cycle, DJ Ötzi enjoys success after success and has become one of the big stars of Austrian music.

Annie Pecheva

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