Friday, May 6, 2011

Osama Bin Laden and his Chinese horoscope

Here are the four pillars of Osama Bin Laden:

Born: 10 March 1957 05:55
Timezone: +3 (Baghdad Time)
Longitude: 46 E 45 Latitude: 24 N 45

Hour: Xin Mao (Yin Metal Rabbit)
Day: Xin Si (Yin Metal Snake)
Month: Gui Mao (Yin Water Rabbit)
Year: Ding You (Yin Fire Rooster)

10 Y Luck (13/8/1958)
Age 1 - 10 : Ren Yin (Yang Water Tiger)
Age 11 - 20 : Xin Chou (Yin Metal Ox)
Age 21 - 30 : Geng Zi (Yang Metal Rat)
Age 31 - 40 : Ji Hai (Yin Earth Pig)
Age 41 - 50 : Wu Xu (Yang Earth Dog)
Age 51 - 60 : Ding You (Yin Fire Rooster)

    It's interesting to notice that Osama Bin Laden died when there was a Fu Yin (duplication of pillars) in his current 10-year luck period and his year of birth - Ding You (Fire Rooster) 丁酉. Also there is a duplicatoin of pillars in the current year and his hour of birth - Xin Mao (Yin Metal Rabbit) 辛卯.

    Besides, he died at the age of 54, which in China is considered as a time when there are certain problems happening in one's life due to the double clash in the stems and branches between the year of birth and the current year.

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