Saturday, July 5, 2014

Moon, Mars and Spica shining around the Gate of Heaven

Gazing at the stars makes us feel overwhelmed by the beauty and vastness of the sky. Look these several nights for the wonderful trio - Moon, Mars and Spica - gathered together and spreading their light towards all of us!

Spica (角宿一 in Chinese) is the brightest star of Virgo. In Chinese astronomy it is the major star of Horn constellation 角宿, located at the horn of the Azure Dragon in the East. If you make a line connecting Spica (α Virginis) and Heze ( ζ Virginis), then you will have the "Gate of Heaven" 天门, through which pass the ecliptic and the planets of the solar system. It was just two days ago that the Daoist temples throughout East Asia celebrated the Opening of the Gate of Heaven day 天門開日. Now, these days it's time for Mars to pass through the  Gate of Heaven. Enjoy the view!


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