Monday, August 7, 2017

The realm of lost souls

   It is well know that during deep sleep the soul often comes out of the body and wanders to other realms. At such moments, one may encounter all kinds of creatures, demons, spirits, immortals and celestial beings.
    Here is a curious story that happened last year: once, while sleeping in the night, I found myself entering a door that leads to a ghostly place.  
Lost Souls of "King of Shadows"
art by Bobby Rawland
It was an immensely depressing site in dark colors and with suffocating air. Countless of lost souls where walking gloomy one after another. They all followed one direction,   while I was walking to the opposite way. 
Somehow I knew that I should not touch or 
get into any contact with these souls,
otherwise I may get into serious troubles.
 Soon I decided to turn back and go "home".
  But, in a split of a second I felt a slight sense of compassion toward one of the lost souls. The lost soul immediately reacted
and grasped my hand, desperately asking me to take him (it) away from this place. I knew that I should not allow this happen, but it was holding my hand firmly. I said politely: ”Get away from me!", but the 
creature was whining and desperately hoping that I will take him with me. I repeated few more times, trying to free my hand, but in vain. And then, all of a sudden, my voice changed and became very powerful, like a thunder penetrating from the lower dantian (the energy field in the belly), and firmly commanded  the lost soul: "Leave me immediately! Ji ji ru lu ling!" The lost soul  was so shocked and scared that it disappeared instantly.
    Giving commands to cast out demons is a powerful method and it is used in many spiritual traditions. 

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. Can you please add the Chinese characters of the protection? Very useful information!