Sunday, April 26, 2020

“The rain in spring is as precious as oil" - Grain rain solar term 穀雨

   It's the rainy and florishing time of the year! Nine more days till "Start of Summer" solar term in Chinese calendar. The current 15-day solar period is called "Grain rain" 穀雨 (April 19 - May 5) and there is a great wisdom in this! The dry grains need rain water in order to push through the hard protective hull and sprout. In other words - "use soft to overcome the hard" 以柔克刚. As the saying goes, “all grains wake up during the Grain Rain period” 雨生百穀. This shows that this time of rainfall is extremely important for the growth of crops. It is also essential for us, the humans, as we need to gently hydrate the body, and refresh and clear the mind. “The rain in spring is as precious as oil" 春雨贵如油.

   In the traditions of China, Korea and Japan, now it's a perfect time to drink green tea. The "Grain Rain" tea 穀雨茶 is especially fragrant and delightful, rich in vitamins and amino acids, it can help to remove pathogenic heat, dampness and toxins from the body, and improve the eyes and the skin.
Let's enjoy the spring, the tea, and the healing power of nature!

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