Thursday, May 27, 2010

The illusionary mind of a young boy in Beijing

Few years ago in Beijing there was a young boy (in his 20s), who after reading too many martial arts novels, his mind entered into an illusionary world 走火入魔. He gave up everything else in life - study, work, personal life, family, friends... I was there with some Chinese friends and the old Daoist priest Xue Zhicheng 薛之程道长.  The mother of this boy asked Daoist Xue to check the feng shui of their home, in hope to find out what is the root of her son's problem. Daoist Xue made some feng shui calculations and said: "No problem with the feng shui here". But, after we left, he told us that actually there is a problem with the feng shui, but as this family is not very rich, they cannot make the needed changes to improve the feng shui in the house. And this was not the major factor influencing the boy. The core of the problem was in the mother who had over-spoiled her son...

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