Monday, May 24, 2010

Triple Tigers in Chinese astrology

Julia Butterfly Hill is famous for her actions to protect nature. She has a very interesting horoscope, which corresponds to her interesting life. To me, the most striking feature in her horoscope is the presence of the triple Tiger branch. She is a real tigress!

Born: 18 February 1974

Day: Geng Yin (Yang Metal Tiger)
Month: Bing Yin (Yang Fire Tiger)
Year: Jia Yin (Yang Wood Tiger)

As Julia is born in the year of Wood Tiger (Jia Yin), I would call her the "Green Tigress". She reminds me of the chart of Tang Yin 唐寅 - a famous Chinese painter, poet and scholar from Ming Dynasty in China. You can read more about him in wikipedia:

Tang Yin was born in the year of Metal Tiger, the month of the Tiger, the day of the Tiger and the hour of the Tiger... 4 times Yin (Tiger) branch in his natal chart! That's why his name is Yin - Tiger. And he is better known by his courtesy name Tang Bohu 唐伯虎, in which Bohu literally means "White Tiger", corresponding to his year pillar of birth - Geng Yin (Metal Tiger, or white tiger) .

So, if Tang Bohu is the White Tiger, then Julia Butterfly Hill is the Green Tigress.

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