Friday, January 20, 2012

The Dragon island

   Liu Xi, a great poet from Tang Dynasty, once said that "any mountain can be famous with the presence of an immortal, and any river can be holy with the presence of a dragon" 山不在高,有仙则名;水不在深,有龙则灵.
   In order to promote its new construction project, a big real estate corporation from Liaoning province has changed this saying into: "any house can be famous with the presence of a dragon" 房不在名,有“龙”则灵.
  The idea of this new project is to build a new residential area in a dragon-like island, which is in Jinzhou district of Dalian city in China. According to the plan, the construction of the houses should be finished in 2012. See the map:

.    It somehow reminds me of the Palm island in Dubai..Shapes, shapes, shapes... The people like to go for shapes.
And, as a comparison, here is the "Dragon Island" - artwork by the 15-years old Irish-Canadian artist Lee Neyrinck.

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