Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another qigong poem

Some time ago I wrote here that during a certain period of my qigong practice, there were 1-2 nights, in which the Chinese characters of some poems appeared in my mind while I was sleeping.These poems are related to qigong cultivation.

 The text of one of the qigong poems you can see here:

And here is another poem:
                             白 玉 上 天 桥
                             游 客 来 下 教
                             静 中 气 妙 漂
                             乾 坤 送 来 精

  The literal translation goes like this:

                           White jade ascends to the heavenly bridge;
                           The wandering visitor comes to leave knowledge.
                           In the stillness qi is flowing subtly
                          The Heaven and Earth bring pure essence.

* the white jade ascends to the heavenly bridge - this is a symbolic description of one of the phenomena occurring during the qigong practice.  A white cloud of pure qi ascends towards the head and reaches the fontanelle ( bai hui acupoint).


  1. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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