Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mang Zhong 芒种 ("Grain in Ear") solar term

Every year on June 5th or 6th starts Mang Zhong 芒种 ("Grain in Ear") solar term in Chinese calendar. There are only 15 days before the Summer Solstice, when the Yin energy will start to grow. Of course, even now there are some signs in nature pointing the upcoming major change in the energy of the year.

The ancient Chinese have noted that during the current solar term the butcherbirds who prefer the Yin energy now appear and begin to twitter because they have sensed the Yin energy. On the other hand, mockingbirds who like to imitate the sounds of other birds and insects now become silent because they also have sensed the Yin energy.

According to the Chinese sources, usually at this solar term the weather becomes humid and hot and the people start perspiring a lot. The skin easily becomes sticky and this lasts till the "Start of Autumn" solar term in the beginning of August. Food should be light, less sweet and pungent. To prevent damp heat syndrome now it's good to take ginger. As the Chinese saying goes: "Take ginger during the "Grain in Ear" solar term and the doctors will not be busy". 芒种食姜,医生不忙.

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