Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Four conditions for cultivation

1. Healthy environment, pure food, moderate climate 

2. Proper methods of meditation and cultivation of the inner energy and one’s character

3. Some money (as they can give some freedom and possibilities)

4. Friends of Dao (dao you) – spiritual friends

The lack of any of these conditions could be compensated with the others.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Luck has a peculiar habit of favoring those who don't depend on it

“Luck has a peculiar habit of favoring those who don’t depend on it”.

                                  ~ Author Unknown

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wouter Weylandt and the pillars of his destiny

 On May 9th the Belgian cyclist Wouter Weylandt died in serious crash during Giro d'Itaila's stage three.

Here is his natal chart according to Chinese four pillars astrology:

Date of birth: 27.09.1984
Year:     Wood Rat (Jia Zi)
Month:  Water Rooster (Gui You)
Day:      Wood Rat (Jia Zi)
Hour:     ?

Current 10-year cycle: Fire Rat (Bing Zi) - 23-33

And here are the four pillars of his death:

Year:     Metal Rabbit (Xin Mao)
Month: Water Snake (Gui Si)
Day:     Wood Rat (Jia Zi)
Hour:   Water Rooster (Gui You)

We can notice the repetition of pillars in his month and day of birth + the day and hour of death:

  In Four Pillars Astrology there is a symbolic star "Confrontation with Heaven". Its meaning is short life or vulnerability to more dangers in one's life. This star can also happen in the horoscopes of enlightened people.
  Here is the calculation of Confrontation with Heaven star, which happens only when there is a certain repetition of pillars in the natal chart:
  • Jia Zi (Wood Rat)
  • Jia Xu (Wood Dog)
  • Yi You (Wood Rooster)
  • Bing Shen (Fire Monkey)
  • Ding Wei (Fire Goat)
  • Wu Wu (Earth Horse)
  • Ji Si (Earth Snake)
  • Gen Chen  (Metal Dragon)
  • Xin Chou (Metal Ox)
  • Ren Yin (Water Tiger)
  • Ren Zi (Water Rat)
  • Gui Hai (Water Pig)
   In the case of Wouter Weylandt we see repetition of Jia Zi (Wood Rat) in his year and day pillars. 

  No matter how long or short life may be, naturally we all want to make the best of it. Wouter Weylandt lost his life in the pursuit of his passion.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Osama Bin Laden and his Chinese horoscope

Here are the four pillars of Osama Bin Laden:

Born: 10 March 1957 05:55
Timezone: +3 (Baghdad Time)
Longitude: 46 E 45 Latitude: 24 N 45

Hour: Xin Mao (Yin Metal Rabbit)
Day: Xin Si (Yin Metal Snake)
Month: Gui Mao (Yin Water Rabbit)
Year: Ding You (Yin Fire Rooster)

10 Y Luck (13/8/1958)
Age 1 - 10 : Ren Yin (Yang Water Tiger)
Age 11 - 20 : Xin Chou (Yin Metal Ox)
Age 21 - 30 : Geng Zi (Yang Metal Rat)
Age 31 - 40 : Ji Hai (Yin Earth Pig)
Age 41 - 50 : Wu Xu (Yang Earth Dog)
Age 51 - 60 : Ding You (Yin Fire Rooster)

    It's interesting to notice that Osama Bin Laden died when there was a Fu Yin (duplication of pillars) in his current 10-year luck period and his year of birth - Ding You (Fire Rooster) 丁酉. Also there is a duplicatoin of pillars in the current year and his hour of birth - Xin Mao (Yin Metal Rabbit) 辛卯.

    Besides, he died at the age of 54, which in China is considered as a time when there are certain problems happening in one's life due to the double clash in the stems and branches between the year of birth and the current year.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Still and clear, the first weeks of May... (a poem by Bai Juyi)

Still and clear, the first weeks of May,
When trees are green and bushes soft and wet;
When the wind has stolen the shadows of new leaves
And birds linger on the last boughs that bloom.

"In Early Summer Lodging in a Temple to Enjoy the Moonlight"