Chinese metaphysics

The importance of Symbolic Stars (Shen Sha) in Chinese Astrology

Moon, Mars and Spica shining around the Gate of Heaven

4700 years ago the Nobleman star 天乙贵人 has been a North Pole star

Visiting the Tibetan Astrology Institute in Lhasa

Location of the main 14 stars in Zi Wei Dou Shu 紫微斗数

Is the right bank of the river more auspicious?

No demon can pass through a crooked bridge

Jade Box Records 玉匣记 and date selection in China

The Yi Garden in Anyang city 安阳易园

Going to classes even after death

The Cycles of Life according to Yi Jing

The Dragon island

The Nobleman star (Tian Yi Gui Ren) and the logic behind its calculation

Wedding day selection letter from 170 years ago

The 28 lunar mansions and their corresponding points in dumai meridian

He tu diagram and the M-theory

Obsession for awards in Chinese Metaphysics

The Metal Monkey day 庚申日

Koreans attack the Academic star of a famous musician

Oscar Pistorius - the Metal Horse runner

Wouter Weylandt and the pillars of his destiny

Osama Bin Laden and his Chinese horoscope

Sai Baba and his Chinese horoscope

The big earthquake in Japan and Tui Bei Tu

DJ Ötzi - Eine stern in the Austrian music

Coordination between Water and Fire 水火既济 in Four Pillars Astrology

A banquet held once in 60 years

The Eight Trigram Field in Hangzhou

Astronomic explanation of stem & branches theory

Triple Tigers in Chinese astrology

The divination appears itself

The Progress star of Hannu Manninen

Feng Shui humor

Ox turns Heaven and Earth 牛转乾坤

Emperor Yongzhen and Astrology

Yarrow stalks and I Ching divination

The eight trigrams town

Swine flu and Chinese medical astrology

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