Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Taoists Yin and Yang

   Six years ago in Beijing I met two Taoist monks who are practicing Chinese astrology and metaphysics for many years. One of them was dressed completely in white, while the other - completely in black. Exactly like Yin and Yang. These Taoists are good friends and together they visit different parts of China.

The Taoist that is in white is actually an albino. That's why even his hair is white. Otherwise he is not that old as it seems. It is very rare to see an albino Chinese. He was talking and expressing himself in a very Yang style, vividly and extrovertedly.
  In comparison with him, the Taoist who is dressed in black was a very Yin type and introvert.
We had a nice conversation and exchanged some ideas  about Chinese astrology and I Ching.

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