Saturday, December 3, 2011

The 28 lunar mansions and their corresponding points in dumai meridian

   Few years ago I bought a Chinese book on the interconnections between I Ching and Chinese medicine - 《易医时间诊疗》, written by Ren Deze 任得泽 and Ming Yi 明易.

   The book has some interesting ideas. It shows examples of diagnosis with Yi Jing (I Ching); provides a detailed information on the 5 shu points of the meridians, zi wu liu zhu and lin gui ba fa chrono-acupuncture, Zhang Jiabin's theory of I Ching medicine, etc.

   The authors of the book have composed songs for each of the 64 hexagrams and you can learn these I Ching songs (there is also a CD with the songs).

   One of the most interesting parts of this book is the idea that there is a connection between  the 28 lunar mansions and the 28 acupuncture points of Dumai meridian. One lunar mansion corresponds to one point of the dumai meridian in the body. By checking which lunar mansion corresponds to one's date of birth, one can find which is the specific acupoint related to him. Then, one can press this point or apply acupuncture on it, in order to strengthen the qi and stimulate the healing process. 

   After presenting this chart to my class of about 40~50 students, everyone started pressing  the specific acupoints. They all have pointed out that the place where "their" acupoint is located is the only painful or sensibly more painful than the other acupoints of dumai meridian. It could be simply a psychological effect, but the sensations were a fact. 

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