Sunday, November 13, 2011

Obsession for awards in Chinese Metaphysics

While browsing internet today, I found some funny pictures about different I Ching and Feng shui awards and organizations in China. The Chinese obsession with receiving special awards and being selected into "world", "famous people" and "leaders"-sort of organizations sometimes reach amusing degrees. Of course, in a country with big population there is a huge competition and strive to be above the masses, to "achieve success".

Here are some photos:

 In this certificate "I Ching 易经" is translated in English as "Easy to learn", so it becomes very funny: "China is easy to learn great master certificate". It should be "China I Ching Great Master Certificate". ;-)

 The Chinese I Ching specialist Li Chunliang from Shandong province has added in his website a picture of a red banner with golden characters, in which it says that he has been pronounced a "Feng Shui Immortal".

Wang Kun, a master from Yunnan province has obtained "2007 Most Popular Feng Shui Figure" Award

"The most influencing famous feng shui master in Lin Nan" Award

"China Contemporary I Ching Feng Shui Famous Master"

"Dean of China International I Ching Study" Award

This is the seal of the "World I Ching Study Leaders Association"!

Often it happens that many real masters and specialists are not interested in receiving or showing their awards. They don't need them, because they have real merits. Usually those who are showing the awards are people with complexes, who have to show their credentials and certificates in order to get more clients and followers. That's how it goes, China Easy to Learn Great Masters!

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