Monday, November 21, 2011

He tu diagram and the M-theory

   According to some Chinese authors, this old Chinese he tu ("River map") diagram in Chinese metaphysics can serve as a symbolic representation of the modern M-theory.
   It is named "Chart for calculating numbers according to the 10 positions in he tu diagram".
    In the inner triangle there are 9 white dots; in the middle triangle - 18 dots and in the outer triangle - 27 dots.
    Without the center (the 1 black dot), the total number of all dots is 54. And without the inner triangle, the total number of the dots is 45.

    The M-theory is also known as String theory. It implies 10 and more dimensions and the mathematical formula goes like this:
SO (10) x 10 = 1 ⊕ 45 ⊕ 54

This he tu diagram was made by Li Guangdi 李光地 (1642-1718), a famous I Ching expert, neo-confucianist and one of the most influential government officials during the reign of emperor Kangxi in China.   

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