Monday, November 14, 2011

Silkworm faeces tea

One of the most bizarre tea I have ever had is silkworm faeces tea 蚕屎茶 (虫屎茶).

It was few years ago, when I visited Maliandao tea bazaar in Beijing. The shop keeper there told me that this tea is good for the stomach. When I tried it, a strange wave-like evaporation occurred in my stomach, as if opening up the energy of the stomach. I think this tea will be very good for somebody with stomach illnesses.

  The silkworm faeces tea has been mentioned even in the famous Materia Medica in 16th century, written by Li Shizheng. It says that it's aiding digestion, detoxifying the body and clearing away pathogenic heat.

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  1. Bizarre is right! Well, stranger things are eaten, I suppose.